Our Story

Know more about the team behind EZYinvoice!

Our mission is to simplify the life of self-employed and very small companies in Switzerland.

While creating EZYcount ( www.ezycount.ch ) we met with many customers and potential customers to develop the easiest accounting software for Swiss self-employed. At that point we realized that many of our users were using Word or Excel to create invoices. That’s fine. However, most of users were losing time creating templates, managing invoice storage and controlling what they invoiced to whom. We were asked many times:

“Do you know a simple program with which I can send, track, and manage invoices? ”

We simplify the life of Swiss self-employed. Thus, we decided to tackle the invoice issue and to search for a solution. We wanted to introduce a system with following attributes:

Print of ESR/BVR
Easy to use – learn how to use the invoice system within 15 minutes
Manage payments of customers
Tracking invoices according to payment dates
Transform offers into invoices
Re-invoicing of expenses
Recurring invoices
Accessible on tablets and mobile phones

We decided to take the best solution we found – invoiceninja, which is an open source solution – and improve it to make it specifically for the Swiss market. If you want to know more about invoiceninja, follow this link . We contribute to the open source project with 10% of your subscriptions fees.

We offer you an easy to use invoicing system with many options: create offers, make recurring invoices, track expenses and tasks, ask customers to pay on their client portal, manage open invoices and much more. Follow this link to see videos about the functionalities.

The founders

Barbara and Vivien are the co-founders of EZYinvoice and EZYcount.

They make sure that EZYinvoice is your favorite invoicing solution and that you always receive friendly support when calling us.

Barbara has a master degree in sustainability and social innovation from HEC Paris as well as a bachelor degree in business administration from Bern university of applied sciences. Further she has more than 7 years expericence in different industries.

Vivien has a master degree in international management from ESB Reutlingen, Germany and Northeastern University, Boston, USA. He also has a bachelor degree of HEC Lausanne. Vivien is a former financial director of the SME Selectron Systems AG in Lyss.


Our advisors

They follow closely EZYcount story and help us to go further, faster, better.

Kyril Gossweiler Kyril Gossweiler Marketing
Paul Peyrot Paul Peyrot Legal
Eric Balet Eric Balet Coach Genilem
S├ębastien Dubuis Sébastien Dubuis Coach CTI

The values


We work uncomplicated in a flat hierarchy using direct communication. Direct communication also applies for external interactions. This means that if you need to contact us, we are here for you. We believe the software we develop are self-explanatory enough, but we are always happy to talk to you over the phone or skype.

Positive attitude - Happiness

Life is better with a smile! With EZYinvoice, our target is to offer you an enjoyable experience. Accounting and invoicing can be fun and beautiful.

Dynamic / innovative

We are young and innovative. We are willing to simplify old-fashioned and complex processes. This is part of our DNA.

Respect and individuality

We are all different, that’s what makes us so great! Our products reflect our diversity and creativity. We respect our natural and social environment. We believe in no-paper policies and renewable energy. We are not quite there yet but we work hard to constantly improve our carbon footprint.


We aim for the best possible results and ensure to provide you with professional and accurate business solutions.

values-1 values-2

How to participate – Career

We warmly welcome you if you want to help us. It’s very easy to participate!
Join us by sending us an email to

We are looking for help to:


Bring EZYinvoice to everyone in Switzerland:

Recommend EZYinvoice to your business partners, friends and family. You can also write a post in your blog about EZYinvoice. Are you a fiduciary? Tell your clients to use EZYinvoice so that they can save time. Do you need pictures, documents or information? Just contact us.


Assist EZYinvoice users by helping them using it the best way possible.

You could organize classes on how to start EZYinvoice or give 1-to-1 consulting to help customers master all the functionalities of the program. We have plenty of material we could send you if you want to do so.


Create new businesses linked to EZYinvoice.

You have an amazing idea that you want to develop. Perhaps a new stock management system or an innovative meeting system. You don’t want to have to take care of the invoicing part? You can easily connect your product to EZYinvoice to benefit from all the functionalities of EZYinvoice.


Help us code EZYinvoice: You know how to code and love EZYinvoice?

That’s perfect, we can use your support by developing connectors to other services.