Invoice Ninja

- We make a successful international solution Swiss !

EZYinvoice is built on top of InvoiceNinja, a very powerful tool to invoice clients online. InvoiceNinja is a powerful tool to invoice clients online. It is recognized worldwide. With EZYinvoice Swiss self-employed have now the possibility to use an adapted version of InvoiceNinja for the Swiss market. Among others, EZYinvoice added the functionalities BVR/ESR and data storage. All data is solely stored in Switzerland.

About EZYinvoice and InvoiceNinja’s partnership

EZYinvoice participates to the development of InvoiceNinja with 10% of subscription revenues. All new features of InvoiceNinja will be integrated in EZYinvoice.

Thus, you participate with your subscription to an open source project, which benefits thousands of users from all around the world. Thanks to you new features and improvements will continue to be developed from the open source community of InvoiceNinja and the dedicated EZYinvoice’s team.

We believe strongly in the open source culture and economy and are very happy to be able to participate.